Suburban exploring

I’m not much of an “urban explorer” these days–sure, I like finding things in the city, and even climbing around in abandoned industrial parks, etc., but urban areas feel increasingly familiar to me, so unless I’m in some bizarre foreign city it doesn’t really seem like “exploring” in the fullest sense.

This is not the case for the suburbs. The ‘burbs are an alien land, filled with strange people, structures, and landscapes. I took a walk yesterday in the suburbs outside of Denver, where my family always spends Thanksgiving, and managed to find some subjects of interest.

This creek bed runs adjacent to the park outside the gated community where my aunt and uncle live.


It runs under the main road.

The National Ballet of Denver is not in a strip mall. It's in the back of a strip mall.


I've always been intrigued by this Indoor Skydiving building.

Children in jumpsuits await the chance to be thrown up into the air by a strong fan beneath a grate in the floor.


There's definitely a skill set related to indoor skydiving. Although you don't even get to jump off anything, which I found incredibly bogus, you can manipulate your body in different ways to fly around in extravagant fashion. This employee was "running" around in circles in the air upside-down.

If you don't hold your body right, you can fall onto the grate. This spells "lawsuit" in the burbs, so children are naturally not left to their own devices.


Ride your badass motorcycle to this badass bar after a badass indoor skydiving sesh.

The wilderness of future development.

This house was already sold.


So was this one.


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